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CVIS Summer School on 10-11 September 2009

Cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems allow cars to communicate with each other and with the nearby roadside infrastructure. Cooperative systems promise to substantially increase road safety and efficiency, and to reduce the environmental impact of road transport. One application of such systems, for example, is the dynamic routing of drivers, where the current congestion, the pollution situation or special events in the city (e.g. a football match) are taken into consideration to calculate the optimal route to one's destination at a certain time. Other types of applications concern safety: e.g. at intersections,  warnings about approaching vehicles can be given to drivers turning left before they can actually see them.


Cooperative systems will influence the way in which many services in road traffic management and traffic safety will be designed in the future. That is why future transport engineers need to be trained on the opportunities and challenges of those systems.

Together with other partners in the European research project CVIS, POLIS is organising a two-day summer school aiming at introducing students and (young) graduates from transport engineering schools and related faculties to the world of cooperative systems. The summer school will take place in Clermont-Ferrand, France, on 10-11 September 2009.


Click HERE to check out the complete invitation and programme, including all practical details.


Please note that English/French simultaneous translation will be provided and that funding is available to cover accommodation and subsistence for a limited number of participants.

The deadline for registration is 26 August 2009 (deadline for application for funding is 10 August 2009 - to apply for funding, you should indicate so on your registration form and attach a copy of your CV and a short application letter).

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