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CVIS Summer School 2009

Training seminar for young transport engineers on concept, benefits and deployment of cooperative systems

Clermont-Ferrand, France

10-11 September 2009

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The two-day summer school aimed at providing participants with a solid grounding in the basic concepts and current research & development related to cooperative systems as well as introducing the potential of this technology to address transport challenges at urban, regional and national levels.
Young transport engineers from all over Europe – students and graduates – are invited to join the interactive programme prepared by the CVIS project partners. The programme is organised around plenary and working group sessions. In the plenary sessions, we provided information about the concepts, benefits and possible uses of cooperative systems. In the working groups, participants worked on developing potential applications to make road transport greener, safer and more comfortable. They was guided by experienced partners from the CVIS project.


The two-day programme was part of the longer summer school entitled "The city of the future" which is organised by the universities, high schools and public transport provider of Clermont-Ferrand.

The summer school on cooperative systems was organised by Polis – a European network of cities and regions for transport solutions – within the framework of the CVIS European research project.




Day 1


ITS and Cooperative systems – what are we talking about?

Paul Kompfner, CVIS Co-ordinator, ERTICO – ITS Europe

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CVIS on the road – the French test sites

Guillaume Vernet, VOLVO

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User needs and use cases

Jaap Vreeswijk, PEEK

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How do we make it happen? - from use cases to system requirements and applications

Jaap Vreeswijk, PEEK

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Architecture and system specifications in CVIS

Peter Christ, ERTICO – ITS Europe

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Day 2


How to bring cooperative systems on the road – key actions and challenges for the deployment of cooperative systems

Lina Konstantinopoulou, ERTICO – ITS Europe

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Cooperative systems and transport policies – making the case for cooperative systems

Richard Harris, World Road Association - PIARC

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Cooperative systems for travellers

Axel Burkert, PTV

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Ideas for future use of cooperative systems for the safety and comfort of cyclists

Pierre-Damien Berger, CEA LETI MINATEC

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