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ATA 2007 International Workshop on Cooperative Systems

Future Perspectives on Cooperative Systems for a Safe and Sustainable Mobility

Fortress of Bard, Aosta, Italy
24-25 May 2007

This International Workshop, organized by the Italian Automotive Society (ATA), in cooperation with the Fiat Research Centre, is an opportunity in which different stakeholders, working on the design and development of cooperative systems for future solutions, will be presenting their activities in European funded projects, like SAFESPOT, CVIS and COOPERS.


The cooperation among vehicles and infrastructures (including local traffic management enabled by local control units distributed in risky areas) will allow, in the next years, the implementation of integrated strategies. Novel traffic control techniques are now under investigation and implementation. By distributing the intelligence of the applications to low-cost infrastructure, it will be possible to achieve high level of efficiencies and robustnesses.

Distributed and autonomous road side equipments, in communication with the "network of communicating vehicles", will enable the driver to promptly react, in a reliable way, to safety critical conditions and to have, in real time, information on traffic and environment.


Workshop Sessions will offer a thorough vision of the running activities on vehicle platforms for sensing and communication systems, on cooperative road infrastructure, on enabling technologies and on cooperative systems applications. An open forum of discussion on future perspectives for a safe and sustainable mobility will close the Workshop.


Participation of CVIS

Session 1: Vehicle platforms for sensing and communication systems

Paul Kompfner - ERTICO ITS Europe, "Requirements for an on board open platform for cooperative systems, the CVIS project"


 Download the presentation


Session 4: Cooperative Systems applications

Paul Kompfner - ERTICO ITS Europe, "Applications for an efficient and safe traffic flow"


 Download the presentation


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