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P3ITS first Workshop

Brussels, during the second day of the ICT 2010 conference

28 September 2010 (Morning only)


The P3ITS project is investigating the role that pre-commercial public procurement can play to boost deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems and Sevices. Pre-Commercial Public Procurement (PCP) is a new competitive tool for Public Authorities to support innovation. The first P3ITS workshop will present the first results of the project and will ask for feedback from the ITS Community.

P3ITS in a nutshell

P3ITS is a Coordination Action funded through the European Commission 7th Framework Programme. The project is investigating how the existing but underutilised opportunity of pre-commercial procurement can, while respecting existing legislation, stimulate innovation and help advance towards market conditions for large scale introduction of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services.

P3ITS is establishing a European network of procurement experts and public procurement agencies, and professionals from the ITS sector and industry, and will consolidate the results of the consultations and analyses to publish extended conclusions and recommendations.


More information

Contact Valentina Casadei for registration to the P3ITS Workshop.
+32 400 07 34


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