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Application Submission Contest

CVIS Application Innovation Contest was launched during the Cooperative Systems workshop and Product Launch event in Berlin on 11 December 2008.

The purpose of this contest was to make the ITS community aware of the CVIS innovative architecture and demonstrate the true openness of its reference execution platform by publishing a competitive call open to all potential Europe-based companies (public, private and individual) that were ready to develop CVIS-compliant applications.


Submission and selection process


On 24 April 2009, the first phase of the contest closed. We received 17 applications from 12 organisations. The evaluation panel assessed the applications against innovation, business impact and CVIS compiance. 11 applications were selected and invited to enter the next phase of the applications submission contest and start the implementation using the CVIS software.


The second phase of the application submission contest, i.e. the software development in a controlled environment, closed on 24 July 2009. 6 external companies were given access to the CVIS SDK on the condition to sign the evaluation license agreement.

CVIS Expert juryAfter much deliberation, the jury of CVIS experts from Daimler, Swedish Road Administration and Telecom Italia selected the finalists beginning of September 2009. In addition, an assessment of the Software implementation was made.


The final decision was made by the visitors of the ITS World Congress in Stockholm. They had the opportunity to see all four finalist applications and give the final vote. The press release from CVIS on Application Innovation Contest presenting the winner and he concept of the competition gives a good summary of the contest.

Kristofer Lidström from Halmstad University in Sweden claimed the top prize. The second prize was taken by lodgON, Belgium and the joint third prize winners were Ygomi and CIT. The companies were awarded €20,000, €15,000 and €7,500 respectively.  


  • First prize: pedestrian safety system where the vehicle informs the intelligent intersection when the system detects that the driver is behaving unpredictably. Both driver and pedestrian are warned either through the HMI displays in the car or on a mobile phone, or by altering traffic light phases. The driver’s behaviour is compared to reference models implemented using a potential field approach;


  • Silver prize: Vehicle Social Networking (VSN) application is a community service based on vehicle-to-vehicle communications, where the vehicle interacts with the local environment and the public internet for exchanging personal and location-relevant information within a community of peers; 


  • Bronze prizes: “Evolving Vehicle Assistant”, an info-mobility service where parking lots could be points of interest (Ygomi/Connexis); Commercial Vehicular Agent System (CVAS) application, which is a framework that allows users in a vehicular environment to access location-aware trust-based services (Cork Institute of Technologies).


Interesting to mention is that the silver winning company Lodgon, has decided, thanks to the great interest in Stockholm, to develop their application into a real product. DaliReporter has a full feature community back-end with specialised roles and responsibilities for collaborating on reported location related issues and items. The product also features clients for CVIS-ready automotive devices, OSGi™ devices, JavaFX™ web and a mobile web client. Please check out the DaliReporter here  for more background information or create and/or join communities in the online demonstrator here.  A development site will be launched shortly.


Link to CVIS press releases published in relation.


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