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CVIS Application Innovation Contest: start of Phase II

In order to demonstrate the true openness of its innovative architecture, the EU-supported CVIS Integrated Project has published an Application Submission Contest (ASC). The purpose of this contest is to make the ITS community aware of the CVIS concept and demonstrate its possibilities by selecting the most promising applications and support the contest-winning teams to develop and demonstrate their applications in a cooperative systems test bed in Germany, France, Italy, UK, Sweden, Netherlands and Belgium.


The application submission contest is set-up in a way that allows participants to avoid major expenses until they have been informed that they are among the winners and will receive financial support for the final development and demonstration of their applications. The prizes, i.e. financial compensation for development and publicity costs born by the participant*, will be distributed to the winning candidates, as announced in an awards ceremony at the ITS World Congress in Stockholm in September 2009.


Contest prizes


Gold medal 25 000 Euro
Silver medal 15 000 Euro
Bronze medal 10 000 Euro




The ASC is a competitive call open to all potential Europe-based companies (public, private and individual) that are ready to develop CVIS-compliant applications. Universities and SME’s are specifically encouraged to participate.







Phase 1 2 February 2009  24 April 2009
Assessment 1 27 April 2009  20 May 2009
Phase 2 26 May 2009  24 July 2009
Assessment 2 27 July 2009  10 August 2009
Award Ceremony

September 2009

Phase 3 17 August 2009 30 November 2009


Phase 1 - Application phase

2 February – 24 April 2009
All interested organisations and individuals are invited to enter the contest by submitting an ASC_Application Form describing their service idea.


Phase 2 - Development in controlled environment

26 May – 24 July 2009
Short-listed candidates will develop their applications relying on a software development kit provided by CVIS/FOAM. All services that achieve CVIS-compliance will be considered "finalists", from which the Jury will select the gold, silver and bronze winners.


Phase 3 - Live demo at a test site

17 August – 30 November 2009
The finalist services will be demonstrated at one of the CVIS test sites. An awards ceremony will take place during the ITS World Congress in Stockholm in September 2009, announcing gold, silver and bronze winners.


Assessment 1

27 April – 20 May 2009

The main goal is to filter out those entries that have no or only a very limited chance of winning the contest or that could not be integrated in the CVIS architecture. This is done to avoid that organisations or individuals are misled and spend time and energy in phase 2 that is almost impossible to lead to success. The outcome of assessment 1 will be a subset of applicants who will be invited to enter Phase 2.


Assessment 2

27 July – 10 August 2009

In the second phase, applicants will use the development environments provided by CVIS/FOAM to develop CVIS-compliant applications. The goal of assessment 2 is to verify and evaluate the compliance of the developed applications. The outcome of assessment 2 is another subset of the applicants who have managed to develop CVIS-compliant applications and will be labelled “finalists”. All finalists will have the chance to demonstrate their application on one of the CVIS test sites but only three of them will receive a prize.


Assessment 3

A full scoring of the criteria mentioned hereunder will be done by the Jury. Based on the results of this assessment, a ranking will be made and gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded. Winners will be informed and the awards ceremony will take place at the ITS World Congress in Stockholm in September 2009. The Jury will also make a recommandation for each finalist about which test site is best suited to support demonstration of their application.


The Jury will be composed of a panel of experts representing the automotive, infrastructure and services sectors. The assessment of the applications will be based on 3 criteria that are of equal importance:

  1. The potential impact of the application (efficiency and/or safety impact)
  2. The innovative aspects of the application
  3. Compliance of the developed application with the CVIS system concept.

For each applicant, a score of 0 to 3 (non-existent, low, medium or high) will be given according to each of the criteria.


Submission details

  • Phase 2 closure: 24 July 2009, 5PM Brussels time
  • Delivery: e-mail and paper submissions will be accepted. 
    • Email address for submission is
    • Postal address for submission:
      ERTICO - ITS Europe
      CVIS Application Submission Contest
      Avenue Louise 326, 2nd floor
      B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
  • Supporting documentation:



General support

Use the address for questions related to the organisation of the ASC in general.


Technical support

Use the address to submit any technical question.


Support during Phase 2


CVIS is providing the Software Development Kit (SDK) to facilitate the development and deployment of cooperative applications for in-vehicle and roadside equipment. It is a standardized OSGi R4 Service Platform. The CVIS SDK is based on an evaluation licence agreement provided by Makewave in behalf of the CVIS consortium.


A set of the FOAM sub-project specific API’s has been added to the SDK by FOAM partners. This includes functions like access to sensors, data and security. One of these functions, the DDS (Distributed Directory Service) serves as a "yellow pages" service for CVIS network wide services, i.e. it could announce the service to vehicles and road side units. The Connection Manager API provides access to CALM functionality in the CVIS router. It extends the standard OSGi IO Connector service and adds extra functionality.

The CVIS SDK will be made available by Makewave.

For deployment and provisioning, CVIS provides the host management center. This component is responsible for deploying and provisioning services to the CVIS hosts in vehicles and road site units.


* Note that to comply with financial rules for EC-funded projects, the prize money (budgets) can only be used for “eligible” costs. In this context, these are:

  1. Development costs (in phase 2 and/or phase 3)
  2. Dissemination costs

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