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7th European Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems & Services

ITS for Sustainable Mobility

Palexpo Convention Centre, Geneva, Switzerland
4-6 June 2008


According to Jacques Barrot, Vice President and European Commissioner for Transport, "building intelligence into our vehicles and infrastructure can make a positive long term contribution to resolving the problems we face in terms of congestion, reliability, security and the environment". During 2008, the EC will put forward an Action Plan for the deployment of intelligent transport systems for road transport. The focus will be on integrating vehicle and road: "We must work towards a cooperative system delivering a whole range of new services ranging from traffic information for guidance to the prospect of innovative ways of directly paying for the services that road users enjoy".

Leading experts and innovators in the ITS field presented their most interesting research studies, demonstration projects, best practices; ITS 2008 will also showcase for ITS research activities under the 6th Community RTD Framework Programme that are delivering their results. At the exhibition, world-class suppliers presented their latest ITS innovations including advanced vehicle control systems, travel information and traffic management systems, digital mapping, public transport applications, smart card and communication technology.


Participation of CVIS

  1. Wednesday 4 June, 09.00-10.30
    TS02 ! Maps and travel time
    "Mapping traffic management systems data into detailed navigation networks"
    Francesco Deflorio, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
    Download ()
  2. Wednesday 4 June, 11.00-12.30
    TS08 ! Highway improvements 2
    "Real-time information from roadside and in-car systems (CVIS & SAFESPOT) along regional roads"
    Bart Swaans, Provincie Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands
  3. Thursday 5 June, 16.00-17.30
    TS28 ! Modern public transportation 4
    "Flexible bus lanes in Bologna"
    Jaap Vreeswijk, Peek Traffic BV, the Netherlands
    Download ()
  4. Thursday 5 June, 16.00-17.30
    SS22 ! CVIS: initiative for Co-operative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems in Europe

    This Special Session presents the latest achievements of the European Commission funded Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS) project. The CVIS project is developing core technologies to set up cooperative systems in which every vehicle can communicate directly with the nearby road infrastructure, other vehicles and centres (e.g. traffic data & control or fleet management centre) using a variety of media and with enhanced positioning. The architecture of the developed technical platform will be presented as well as the underlying hardware and software elements, highlighting the innovative aspects and the key results obtained so far.
    • "CVIS - FOAM Framework for Open Application Management", by Paul Van Koningsbruggen, Technolution  Download ()
    • "Hybrid Fusion Module with IMM approach for Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems", by Katia Demaseure, Navteq  Download ()
    • "Balancing the needs of the individual with the necessities of the collective", by Siebe Turksma, Peek  Download ()
    • "Preparing a Cooperative Systems Test Site", by David Rylander, Volvo  Download ()
    • "A universal network platform for cooperative mobility systems", by Knut Evensen, Q-Free  Download ()


  5. Thursday 5 June, 09.00-10.30
    TS15 ! Core EC projects
    "CVIS: Is the user willing to pay and accept cooperative systems?"
    Rosa Canellas, Fundacion RACC, Spain
    Download ()

  6. Thursday 5 June, 14.00-15.30
    TS24 ! Coop
    - "Co-operative vehicle infrastructure systems and their potential impact on policies for mobility and transport efficiency"
    Neil Hoose, Bittern Consulting Ltd, UK
    Download ()
    - "Active infrared communication in the context of ISO CALM"
    Hannes Stratil, EFKON AG, Austria
    Download ()

  7. Friday 6 June, 14.00-15.30
    TS37 ! Integrated management 3
    "Why French toll motorway companies are involved in the 3 major cooperative projects of the European Commission : SAFESPOT, COOPERS and CVIS"
    Jacques Boussuge, Association des Sociétés Françaises d'Autoroutes et d'ouvrages à péage - ASFA, France
    Download ()

  8. Friday 6 June, 14.00-15.30
    SS38 ! ITS test sites in Europe
    The session will focus on different ITS infrastructure test beds in Europe including their communication technologies and ITS applications that will be demonstrated/tested in the near future. Test Site Sweden is a national project and a neutral meeting place for joint research projects in Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) which focuses on traffic safety, logistics and the environment. Test Site Sweden offers several testing and demonstration environments. One part is the Reality Lab - a demonstration environment with ITS infrastructures. In this environment, existing infrastructure is used and complemented with ITS communication technologies to manage demonstration and testing of future ITS innovations. For example, tests can be carried out
    for co-operative vehicle applications such as “Situation awareness”, “Tunnel safety”, “Slippery road”, “ADAS - dynamic SpeedAlert”, “Co-operative Monitoring - extended floating car data collection” and “monitoring of dangerous goods”. Other ITS test sites will be invited to be part of the session to give a wider scope of the ITS activities.

    • "Test Site Sweden", by Peter Öhman, Lindholmen Science Park  Download ()
    • "Cooperating Systems in the Swedish test site - CVIS & SafeSpot", by David Rylander, Volvo  Download ()
    • "Test site Netherlands - Belgium", by Maartje Stam, Logica  Download ()



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